Establishing a Robust Online Presence for Koral Designs

Koral Designs Website Branding


Koral Designs, founded by Venezuelan designer Yenny Perez in 2015, is a brand that creates unique, U.S.-made jewelry pieces embodying the spirit of today's woman.

What I Did:


The challenge was to capture the essence of Koral Designs’ inspirational roots and translate that into a digital narrative that could effectively reach and engage a global audience, while also establishing a robust e-commerce presence.

My Approach:

My approach was to imbue the brand’s digital transformation with the story of its founding, highlighting the influence of the sea on the design aesthetic. I prioritized creating a connection between the brand’s story and its audience by leveraging emotional storytelling and the power of Yenny’s creative vision.



The solution involved:

  • A visually compelling e-commerce website that narrates the brand’s story and showcases the jewelry as not just products, but as storied pieces of art.
  • Social media integration that allowed for the sharing of these stories, connecting followers with the deeper meaning behind each piece.
  • SEO strategies that reflected the unique brand elements, driving traffic to the website and improving search engine visibility.


The outcome was a successful translation of Koral Designs’ physical presence into the digital realm, resulting in:

  • A loyal online following, captivated by the brand’s narrative and the allure of its jewelry.
  • Increased e-commerce sales and global brand recognition, highlighting the success of the digital strategy.
  • Enhanced user engagement through the website and social media, fostering a community of brand advocates.

This journey with Koral Designs showcases my ability to weave a brand's unique story into its digital fabric, creating an online ecosystem that resonates with authenticity and passion. The strategic use of storytelling, aligned with technical SEO and e-commerce solutions, has not only broadened Koral Designs' reach but has also infused its online presence with the life and inspiration drawn from the sea