104 Remodeling LLC – Crafting Brand Identity and Web Solutions

104 Remodeling Website Branding


104 Remodeling LLC, a comprehensive residential remodeling company based in Alpharetta, North Atlanta, specializing in a full spectrum of home improvement services.

What I Did:


To establish a cohesive brand and online presence that accurately represents the extensive services of 104 Remodeling LLC, positioning them as a leader in the Georgia home renovation market and driving revenue growth.

My Approach:

I utilized a strategic approach that combined impactful branding with user-centric web development. By conducting market research and user experience testing, I tailored a branding strategy that would resonate with the target demographic in Georgia. The web development was focused on highlighting the company’s wide range of services, showcasing their craftsmanship, and optimizing for user engagement.



The branding and web development strategy included:

  • A robust brand logo that reflects the company’s expertise in building and remodeling, using a color scheme that inspires trust and quality craftsmanship.
  • A responsive website designed to showcase the company’s portfolio of work, detailed service offerings, and customer testimonials to build trust and credibility.
  • Intuitive navigation and clear call-to-actions to facilitate user engagement and lead generation.
  • SEO optimization to increase visibility and attract potential customers searching for home remodeling services in Georgia.


The strategic branding and optimized website resulted in:

  • Enhanced online positioning as a leading authority in the residential remodeling industry in Georgia.
  • A significant increase in website traffic and user engagement, leading to higher conversion rates and customer inquiries.
  • A marked rise in revenue over the years, reflecting the success of the branding and web development efforts.

Through the effective combination of branding and digital presence, 104 Remodeling LLC has solidified its reputation as a top-tier provider of home renovation services. The company has not only achieved a strong market position but has also seen a tangible increase in its business growth and revenue, affirming the impact of a well-crafted brand and user-focused website.