Hola ๐Ÿ‘‹,
Iโ€™m Jose Hurtado, full-stack designer with experience in
UX Brand Interface Web Motion 3D design.

My Toolbox


Every tool serves a purpose, from UX Strategy to A/B Testing, my approach is holistic, ensuring your brand’s story is not just told, but felt. Collaborating with a spectrum of clients, I turn digital challenges into triumphs.

My design toolbox is a blend of precision and creativity. Whether it’s refining your brand through a refresh or crafting interactive web experiences, I employ a mix of UX Strategy, Motion Graphics, and more to create digital masterpieces that resonate with your audience.

Work Showcase

Design is more than aesthetics; it’s a strategy. From the initial UX blueprint to the final interface polish, my work reflects a deep understanding of your unique narrative. Dive into my portfolio, where each project is a testament to this philosophy.



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Two decades in the design industry have honed my adaptability and expertise. From UX Strategy to Brand Refresh, and from bustling LA studios to Miami’s dynamic scene, my journey is about embracing challenges with a design-thinking approach. At its core, though, I’m a family man, fueled by love and inspiration.

My 20-year design journey is rich with experiences, from mastering UX Strategy to leading Brand Refresh initiatives. This path has taken me from LA’s vibrant studios to Miami’s eclectic streets, always with a design-thinking mindset. But beyond all, my true joy comes from being a husband and father, my greatest sources of inspiration.


Life is an ever-evolving canvas. Whether I’m delving into UI trends, experimenting with animation, or navigating mountain biking trails, I believe in continuous learning. As I journey through my software development bootcamp, I’m excited to harness the power of technologies like React, Flask, SQL, and Python.

Beyond pixels and palettes, I’m a seeker. Whether it’s the adrenaline rush of mountain biking or the intellectual pursuit of the latest in UI trends, I’m constantly evolving. As I currently navigate the intricate lanes of React, Flask, SQL, Python, and more, my commitment remainsโ€”to stay ahead, to stay relevant, and most importantly, to stay curious.


At DXagency, as the UX/UI Senior Design Director, every day is a new chapter in innovation. I blend UX Strategy with practical design solutions, turning insights into impactful user experiences. If you’re looking for a design partnership that truly connects with your audience, let’s start a conversation.

In the creative hub of DXagency, I lead as a UX/UI Senior Design Director, where every project is a blend of strategy and story. From UX Strategy to Interface Design, my approach is about crafting experiences that resonate deeply with users. Ready to weave these narratives into your brand? Let’s collaborate.


Dive into my hand-picked selection of books that illuminate the paths of Art, graphic design, UX/UI Design and Digital Marketing. These recommendations are tailored to enrich your understanding and inspire innovation in these ever-evolving fields.