CornerOak Real Estate – Elevating Brand Presence and Web Development

Corner Oak Miami Website


CornerOak, a real estate venture presenting a new upscale development poised to offer an idyllic lifestyle near Coral Gables, Miami.

What I Did:


The challenge was to encapsulate the essence of Miami’s vibrant lifestyle in the branding and to develop a website that would not only reflect this lifestyle but also drive sales for the new development. The goal was to create a brand identity and online experience that resonated with potential buyers who seek both the serenity of Coconut Grove and the convenience of nearby urban amenities.

My Approach:

My approach involved a blend of market research to understand the target demographic and user experience best practices to ensure the website not only attracted but also retained potential buyers. I focused on creating a brand logo that would echo the sophistication and natural elegance of the development, and a website that would serve as a digital showroom for the property.



The branding and web development strategy included:

  • A logo that combines the timelessness of an oak tree ring with modern typography, symbolizing the growth and stability of investing in the property.
  • A website designed to provide an immersive user experience, showcasing the property through interactive galleries, virtual tours, and detailed floor plans.
  • Strategic placement of calls

to action and contact forms throughout the website to guide users towards inquiries and sales conversations.

  • Integration of a content strategy highlighting the unique selling propositions of the location, including proximity to major transport links and local attractions.
  • Implementation of SEO tactics to target individuals searching for premium real estate in the Miami area.


The tailored branding and website resulted in:

  • A strong brand identity that captured the luxurious and central lifestyle offered by CornerOak.
  • A user-friendly website that led to increased engagement, with visitors spending more time exploring the development’s offerings.
  • Improved lead generation, with a noticeable increase in inquiries and interest in property viewings.
  • Successful unit sales, contributing to a rapid absorption rate of the new development.

The CornerOak project showcases the pivotal role of cohesive branding and a thoughtfully developed website in the real estate industry. By prioritizing user experience and aligning the brand with the aspirational lifestyle of the target audience, the project not only achieved its sales goals but also set a benchmark for future real estate developments in the Miami area. The success of CornerOak stands as a testament to the power of combining strategic branding with user-centric design to create a compelling online presence that drives real-world results.