Branding and Logo Design for Noticias 24hrs

Noticias24 Branding


Noticias 24hrs, an emerging news and entertainment web channel aiming to establish a significant digital presence and credibility in the online media space.

What I Did:


The main challenge was to create a brand identity from scratch that would foster growth on social networks and establish the portal’s credibility. The logo needed to be instantly recognizable, adaptable for various digital platforms, and convey the channel’s commitment to timely and reliable news reporting.

My Approach:

I started with a comprehensive analysis of the target audience and competitive landscape. My focus was on developing a logo that would resonate with a digital-first audience while encapsulating the channel’s ethos of constant information flow. The approach combined current design trends with timeless elements to ensure longevity and adaptability.



The new branding included:

  • A distinctive logo symbolizing the 24-hour news cycle, utilizing a clock or globe motif to represent continuous global coverage.
  • A color palette that suggests authority and trust, critical for a news outlet, while also being vibrant enough for social media appeal.
  • Typography that is bold and accessible, ensuring legibility on any device.
  • A versatile design strategy for the logo that allows for easy adaptation across various digital assets, from the website to social media avatars and banners.


The launch of the new brand identity yielded:

  • Positive audience reception and a growing follower base on social networks.
  • A credible image that encouraged viewer loyalty and a higher rate of return visitors to the news portal.
  • An increase in engagement metrics, proving the effectiveness of the logo and branding in capturing and retaining the attention of a digital audience.

The newly established branding for Noticias 24hrs has successfully carved out a space for the channel in the competitive digital news market, setting a strong foundation for its future growth and recognition as a reputable news source.