Elevating Brand Identity for Bellavida Aesthetics & Wellness

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Bellavida Aesthetics & Wellness, an upscale aesthetic and wellness practice rooted in personalized and high-end client service in Miami.

What I Did:


To transcend the limitations of the previous clipart-based logo and develop a sophisticated, unique brand identity that mirrors the founder’s vision and Bellavida’s commitment to personalized luxury care.

My Approach:

With an emphasis on originality and authenticity, my approach was to replace the generic clipart with a custom illustration that personified the founder and the brand’s bespoke services. I aimed to maintain a visual language that could be adapted across different service verticals while retaining a clear and cohesive identity.



The new branding suite included:

  1. Main Logo: A bespoke illustration of the founder’s profile, lending a personal and exclusive feel to the brand, enhanced by a refined typographic treatment.
  2. Instant BBL Service Logo: A stylized figure with a heart motif captures the essence of the signature service while aligning with the main brand aesthetics.
  3. Institute Service Logo: A delicate hand and heart design that symbolizes the caring and educational approach of the brand’s wellness philosophy.

Each logo maintains the elegance and sophistication necessary for a luxury brand, with a consistent style and color scheme that ties the service verticals back to the central brand identity.


The rebranding initiative was a resounding success, marked by:

  • A distinguished brand presence that set Bellavida apart from competitors using generic designs.
  • Enhanced market positioning, reflecting the luxury and exclusivity of the brand.
  • A cohesive narrative across all brand communications, leading to increased recognition and client loyalty.

Through this transformation, Bellavida Aesthetics & Wellness shed its former generic identity and embraced a unique, luxurious branding that truly represents its ethos and dedication to quality and personalized service.